Change society with a platform created with families of patients with intractable diseases

We have developed "nanacara", an app that allows epilepsy patients and their families to share and manage daily records such as medication status and seizure frequency, and "nanacara for Doctor," a cloud-based service for doctors that allows doctors to view them during medical examinations. In the future, we will contribute to improving the QOL of intractable epilepsy patients and their families by building a platform that supports epilepsy patients and their families in society as a whole in collaboration with not only medical care areas but also various fields such as support schools. In addition, based on the know-how cultivated through epilepsy, we will expand our services to other diseases and promote the change of society with people who are suffering from more intractable diseases.

Establishment Date
July 2018
Business development and business support centered on a support platform for patients and families
Representative Director Yasuomi Hayashi

Point of KII view

We solve the problems of many intractable diseases based on the wonderful know-how of co-creating patients and their families with solutions by thoroughly cuddling with patients with intractable diseases and their families, extracting true issues. , I hope that the idea of "changing the society of intractable disease patients' families into the light of the world" will be realized.

KII growth support

Advice and execution support for business planning and sales strategy planning, public relations support