CureApp, Inc.

Rebuild "treatment" with software and create a future to treat with apps

Now, in the medical field, in addition to pharmaceuticals and hardware medical devices, "software medical devices" are beginning to be established as new treatment options. Among them, the medical smoking cessation app developed by CureApp is the first therapeutic app in Japan to be covered by insurance and prescriptions by doctors have begun. We will solve social issues with new treatment methods that utilize evolving technology.

Establishment Date
July 2014
Medical application development
Kota Satake, President and CEO

Point of KII view

It has the advantage of algorithmizing doctors' thoughts and building a common foundation that enables parallel development of hypertension, NASH, etc. in addition to the preceding smoking cessation treatment application.

KII growth support

Supporting financing for business growth, introducing customer candidates, and advising important decisions at the board of directors