Tsubota Laboratory, Inc.


Bringing the results of research in the field of ophthalmology, which "makes the world healthy and healthy through innovation," to society

Tsubota Lab offers innovative solutions in the areas of myopia, dry eye and presbyopia. Among them, it is said that exposure to a part of sunlight (wavelength 360 to 400 nm) called violet light is effective in preventing myopia, but we have developed eyeglasses that can irradiate this (myopia prevention eyeglasses). In addition to myopia prevention, we are aiming for application in the field of keratoconus treatment and psychiatric disorders such as depression.

Establishment Date
February 2015
Develop medical devices for myopia, dry eye, presbyopia, pharmaceuticals, etc.
President and CEO Kazuo Tsubota

Point of KII view

We hope to promote science-based product development, provide truly effective products, and contribute to prevention and treatment.

KII growth support

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