Modulus Discovery, Inc.

Revolutionizing small molecule drug discovery with a drug discovery approach that combines unique strengths

Modulus revolutionizes small molecule drug discovery with a combination of core biology insights, state-of-the-art drug discovery platforms, and a unique drug discovery research pipeline. A molecule is designed on in silico by a method of modeling the molecule from the crystal structure data of the target molecule, and the designed compound is actually synthesized and screened. The hit compound obtained by screening is further synthesized and developed on in silico to create a lead compound, and finally a candidate compound is finished. We do not perform synthesis or assays in-house, but outsource everything. With this method, drug discovery can be accelerated until IND (clinical trial application) can be completed in about 3 years.

Establishment Date
August 2016
Drug discovery using computational science
CEO Shun Kimura, COO Kazuki Ohno

Point of KII view

With members involved in drug discovery research and business development at the forefront of pharmaceutical companies, we have pipeline development ability and business development ability comparable to those of Western bio-ventures. I hope that we will continue to generate large-scale outsourcing to major Western companies.

KII growth support

Collaborative support with academia