Connect Inc.

New hope for severely paralyzed patients. Creating a new standard for rehabilitation medicine

By connecting the brain and machines using BMI, which is a fusion of brain science and AI, it detects the activity of the injured brain and promotes the reconstruction of the neural circuit that connects the brain and fingers. As the neural circuit is reconstructed after training, it will be possible to move the fingers again at will even with the robot removed. This will expand the possibility of rehabilitation of severe paralysis after stroke, solve the problems surrounding stroke patients, and contribute to improving QOL.

Establishment Date
May 2018
Development, manufacturing, sales, etc. of nerve rehabilitation equipment that applies the brain-machine interface
Representative Director Junichi Ushiba

Point of KII view

Connect has top runners in brain science, AI, and rehabilitation medicine, and we expect that the deep market understanding and experience of the management team will enable us to implement the cutting-edge technology of BMI in the rehabilitation medical field.

KII growth support

Sales strategy construction, public relations support, strengthening of management system, personnel introduction