Motion Lib, Inc.

Supporting the development of robots that move dexterously like humans with power control technology

With our unique and epoch-making control technology "Real Haptics", we can create "power adjustment" by giving force and tactile sensation to any machine using actuators. We aim to create a prosperous society in which humans and robots coexist by contributing to the remote control of dangerous work, the succession of craftsmanship, and the elimination of labor shortages by robots that flexibly respond to the environment. We are developing with a wide range of industries including healthcare, mobility and construction.

Establishment Date
April 2016
Solution business, key device business, licensing business related to real haptics
Takahiro Mizoguchi, CEO

Point of KII view

We hope that real haptics technology will enable robots and machines to have a sense of force and tactile sensation, and will solve problems that could not be solved only by improving artificial intelligence and image recognition technology.

KII growth support

Business structure construction support and public relations support, strengthening of management system, introduction of customers, investors and human resources