Create life-changing encounters with the power of personal AI that learns each person's "sensitivity"

SENSY MB realizes personalized marketing based on each person's attribute purchase history. In addition, SENSY MD forecasts sales of hundreds of thousands of items on a customer-by-customer / item-by-item basis, and optimizes MD plans such as product ordering and purchasing.

Establishment Date
November 2011 (Company name changed from Colorful Board Co., Ltd. in November 2017)
Artificial intelligence development business, internet media business
Yuki Watanabe, CEO

Point of KII view

We are advancing our business with the theme of understanding consumer sensibilities and industrial transformation based on them. Starting from apparel, it is also applied to food products, and has strengths in accumulating achievements at major food supermarkets and drug stores.

KII growth support

Funding support, strengthening of management system, listing preparation system construction support
Appointed as a director