xenodata lab., Inc.


Visualize global economic trends with AI Artificial intelligence anticipates the future of the economy

xenoBrain is a cloud service specializing in economic forecasting that supports corporate decision making. For many companies regardless of size, we catch the occurrence and fluctuation of economic events in real time, automatically calculate the impact on each company, and provide performance forecast information of 400,000 companies including unlisted companies. ..

Establishment Date
February 2016
Developed and operated AI "xenoBrain" that automates the analysis of financial information using original natural language processing technology (patented) with the aim of "proposing the commonplace of the financial industry five years from now with the power of technology" ..
Representative Director Yojiro Seki

Point of KII view

The strength of AI is that it can identify, generate, and predict while handling huge amounts of data, but the most difficult of these is prediction technology. We hope to bring innovation to this area and create a major trend next to FinTech.

KII growth support

Financing support, advice on important decisions at the board of directors