Grace imaging Inc.

Aiming to realize the world's first healthcare service with cutting-edge analysis technology

Instead of measuring the lactic acid concentration in the blood so far, we measure the "lactic acid concentration in sweat" with a wearable device developed by ourselves and visualize fatigue. Visualize the amount of exercise load and changes on muscles more easily and continuously using a dedicated application. Furthermore, we are aiming to obtain medical device approval as an exercise load measurement device for cardiac rehabilitation. Prototyping has already been completed, and clinical trials are scheduled to be conducted to obtain medical device approval.

Establishment Date
July 2018
Development and provision of state-of-the-art fatigue analysis and evaluation services using sweat lactate sensor and MRI
Representative Director Daisuke Nakajima

Point of KII view

It is expected that it will spread as a new medical device that enhances the effect of rehabilitation in the field of mental rehabilitation, where evidence-based rehabilitation has not been sufficiently provided. We are also considering expanding its use in other fields such as sports.

KII growth support

Financing lead, key recruitment support, sales strategy building