Kringle Pharma, Inc.

Drug discovery utilizing HGF (hepatocyte growth factor) provides new treatments for patients with intractable diseases around the world

As a drug discovery bio-venture aiming to put HGF (hepatocyte growth factor) into practical use as a drug, we have established a process that enables mass production of "genetically modified human HGF" at "pharmaceutical grade". We are conducting clinical trials for intractable neurological diseases such as spinal cord injury and ALS in order to obtain manufacturing and marketing approval. Many business companies have formed capital and business alliances, and a system to support sales and distribution after obtaining approval has already been completed.

Establishment Date
December 2001
Development and commercialization of new biopharmacy
President and CEO Kiichi Adachi

Point of KII view

Its effectiveness has been confirmed for spinal cord injury, and it is expected to be launched as a new drug. In addition, it is expected to be effective in more intractable diseases such as ALS, and we will pursue further possibilities of HGF.

KII growth support

Financing lead, candidate selection and negotiation support for business alliances, follow-up after business alliance