AdipoSeeds Inc.

Creates platelets from fat and creates a new blood flow

Current transfusion platelets rely on 100% blood donation and can only be stored for a few days. In the future, while the number of patients receiving anti-cancer drugs will increase with the aging of the population, the amount of blood donations will decrease due to the declining population, and it is only a matter of time before the patient falls into a platelet deficiency. AdipoSeeds aims to use the created platelets as a blood transfusion substitute and wound healing based on the unique technology of artificially creating platelets from mesenchymal stem cells derived from subcutaneous adipos tissue. The effects have been confirmed in animal experiments, and preparations are underway to confirm the safety and effects in humans.

Establishment Date
July 2016
Commercialization of products such as regenerative medicine using cells derived from adipose tissue
Representative Director Yumiko Matsubara

Point of KII view

It is an epoch-making manufacturing method that solves the donor-dependent platelet deficiency, and its medical application range is not limited to platelet replacement and tissue repair, but it will be used in many therapeutic fields in the future. I hope it will be done.

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