Metagen Therapeutics, Inc.

Build a stable supply chain and develop FMT preparations to popularize intestinal bacterial transplantation therapy (FMT)

Currently, FMT is being conducted in advanced medical care for pseudomembranous enteritis and clinical research on inflammatory bowel disease, but there are issues for its widespread use, such as designing quality standards for FMT preparations and building their supply chains. I will. Therefore, we will build a stable supply chain of safe FMT preparations that comply with global standards and promote the spread of FMT in Japan. In addition, we will expand our business field to microbiome drug discovery by utilizing intestinal bacterial flora data.

Establishment Date
January 2020
Medical / drug discovery business utilizing microbiome science, etc.
President and CEO Taku Nakahara

Point of KII view

Composed of a team with one of the leading achievements in intestinal flora research in Japan, we will create a new microbiota drug discovery pipeline as well as FMT preparations and deliver treatment options to patients with various diseases. I'm expecting.

KII growth support

Business structure construction, sales strategy construction, public relations support, management system strengthening, etc.