Developed a therapeutic method for producing heart cells from iPS cells and transplanting them into heart tissue

We have many unique technologies necessary for the spread of myocardial regenerative medicine, such as technology for producing high-purity cardiomyocytes from iPS cells and technology for transplanting the created cardiomyocytes. Received the "Minister of State for Science and Technology Policy Award" at the "Japan Venture Awards 2021" and the "Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award" at the university-launched venture award 2021. We also have a track record of alliances with major overseas pharmaceutical companies.

Establishment Date
November 2015
Myocardial regenerative medicine using iPS cells
Keiichi Fukuda, President and CEO

Point of KII view

We hope that myocardial regenerative medicine will become commonplace as a new method of treating heart failure.

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