Cellusion Inc.


Manufactures alternative cells for corneal endothelium from iPS cells. Light for patients waiting for a transplant

We are aiming to realize a new treatment method by manufacturing alternative cells for corneal endothelium from iPS cells by a unique method and transplanting them into the eye. In surgery, cells are simply injected with a syringe, and the cells settle in the cornea 3 hours after surgery. Engraftment of transplanted cells has already been confirmed in animal experiments such as monkeys, and preparations are currently underway for clinical research. By realizing this treatment, we aim to solve the problem of 13 million patients waiting for transplantation worldwide.

Establishment Date
January 2015
Regenerative medicine using iPS-derived corneal endothelial cells
Representative Director Shin Hato

Point of KII view

It has the potential to provide breakthrough medical care that solves the problem of donor shortages for corneal transplants. Since it is an easy procedure, it can be expected that Cerusion's products will be provided not only in developed countries but also in emerging countries.

KII growth support

Financing lead, selection of business partner candidates and negotiation support, key recruitment support, public relations support