Instalimb, Inc.

Create a world where everyone in need can get prosthetics and orthotics

By using 3D-CAD and 3D printers developed in-house, Instalim offers high-quality prostheses at one-tenth the price of conventional products. We can provide prosthetic legs to those who could not reach the expensive prosthetic legs so far, and support patients' independence, escape from poverty, and realization of dignified living. By introducing AI in earnest in the future, we can expect labor saving and accuracy improvement of fitting work.

Establishment Date
March 2017
Development of low-cost 3D-printed prosthetics and equipment utilizing 3D-CAD, 3D printing and machine learning (AI) technology
CEO Yasushi Tokushima

Point of KII view

In emerging countries such as the Philippines, the number of diabetic patients continues to increase due to eating habits and other factors. By providing artificial limbs at a low price, we can reach the people who could not reach the expensive artificial limbs, especially in emerging countries.

KII growth support

Financial support, including strengthening management, public relations support, and obtaining grants