Luxonus Inc.

Innovate in the medical world with optical ultrasound imaging technology that combines light and ultrasound

Luxonus's optical ultrasound 3D imaging can depict the state of internal tissues in extremely high resolution as a three-dimensional image without burdening the patient's body. Clinical studies have shown that it contributes to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as angiopathy, breast cancer, and lymphedema, for which it was difficult to make an early diagnosis and determine the therapeutic effect with conventional techniques.

Establishment Date
December 2018
Development and sales of imaging equipment using optical ultrasonic technology
Representative Director Sadakazu Aiso

Point of KII view

We hope that we will establish a position as the "fifth modality" following ultrasonic examination, CT, MRI, and SPECT / PET by developing products based on the basic technology and basic research that we have cultivated so far.

KII growth support

Funding lead, support for selecting business partner candidates, key recruitment support, sales strategy construction support, public relations support