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Creating an evaluation and education system that makes people happy with AI and psychology

Based on the knowledge of AI and psychometrics, we are developing educational content for children and adults according to age, which is responsible for the education and evaluation system of DX human resources and the STEAM field that lays the foundation required in the Society 5.0 era. It is being introduced to schools, educational institutions and companies.

Establishment Date
May 2010
Human resources matching business utilizing AI and English e-learning business
Representative Director Masahiro Fukuhara

Point of KII view

In the "HRtech" domain, which analyzes human abilities using AI and big data, we develop "education" and "evaluation" services for all age groups, from children to adults. We are expecting further introduction to companies and schools.

KII growth support

Advice on important decision-making at the board of directors, support for building an IPO preparation system