"Team Growth Platform" that contributes to team growth with the power of voice communication

BONX was developed with the idea of communicating with friends during sports. Since then, the service has been expanded for corporations. We aim to contribute to the growth of the team as a team collaboration tool, not just a business improvement tool, and contribute to the growth of the team in all situations such as sports / retail / nursing / food / drink / hospital / construction site / remote work. It is expanding as a Team Growth Platform.

Establishment Date
November 2014
Plan, Design and Development of Wearable Devices
Representative Director and CEO Takahiro Miyasaka

Point of KII view

We have been developing both hardware and software, and have our own group talk technology through voice technology and group call system, and we expect it to be developed as the most versatile voice communication platform in the world.

KII growth support

Advice on business planning and sales strategy planning, capital policy planning, financing lead Joint research support with academia Collaborative research support with academia Appointed as a director