Keio Innovation Initiative (KII) is
a venture capital established by Keio University.
Our mission is to innovate society through developing new industries which use Keio University’s research results.

About KII

Corporate Profile

Name Keio Innovation Initiative, Inc.
Main Office Mita International Bldg. 10F, 1-4-28 Mita, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 108-0073 Japan
Founded December 17, 2015
Shareholders Keio Academic Enterprise. Co., Ltd. 80%
Nomura Holdings, Inc. 20%.

Board Members

CEO Kotaro Yamagishi
Director Yoshiyuki Kozuka 
(Keio Academic Enterprise)
Director Masayuki Mori
(Nomura Securities)
Auditor Yasumasa Kumabe
Advisor Masahiko Shimizu
(Keio Univeristy)
Advisor Eiichiro Yamaguchi
(Nomura Holdings)

Fund Profile

Name Keio Innovation Initiative 1, LPS
Amount 4.5 billion yen
Founded July 1, 2016

Investment Policies

We invest to startup companies applying research findings of Keio University and trying to create new big industries.
“Applying research findings of Keio University” refers to the terms below.

  1. Those having license or permission for intellectual property of Keio University.
  2. Those applying for such findings from collaborative research, or having conducted collaborative research with Keio University.
  3. Those working with researchers from Keio University in management or R&D.