Axelspace Holdings Corporation

Leading the space business as a pioneer of small satellite

There are expectations for the promotion of private use of space due to the development of communication technology, the sophistication of environmental observation, and advances in science and technology. The challenge is to need it. Axelspace solves the cost and management complexity of space exploration by developing satellites that are smaller and lower cost than traditional satellites, and by leveraging their unique capabilities and data. It is expected that this will further promote the use of space in society and contribute to the transformation of the socio-economic system and the protection of the global environment.

Establishment Date
August 2008
Earth observation business using small satellite, proposal of solutions using small satellite etc., design and manufacturing of small satellite and related components, launch arrangement and operational support/contract of small satellite.
President and CEO Yuya Nakamura

KII’s Perspective

As a pioneer in the field of small satellite, we are leveraging our unique know-how to develop a wide range of space businesses both domestically and internationally, and we hope to continue to contribute significantly to solving social and economic issues on a global scale, such as transforming the social and economic system and protecting the global environment.

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