ESG Policy

ESG Policy

Let us help your research, your invention, your innovation change the world.
In order to achieve this mission, we at Keio Innovation Initiative, Inc. are impact-oriented, formulating and complying with ESG Policy, and we will continue to invest in deep tech actively.
ESG stands for Environment, Social, and Governance.
First, in order to be a company that can fulfill its own social responsibilities and contribute to creating a sustainable society, we will fulfill our responsibilities in terms of the environment, society, and governance, rather than seeking only profits.
Furthermore, we will share this ESG Policy with our partners we invest in, fulfill their social responsibilities, and support their growth into companies that can contribute to creating a sustainable society.


Compliance with laws and regulations related to environmental pollution (air/water/soil pollution, waste disposal, etc.)


Elimination of antisocial forces / ensuring and maintaining occupational health and safety / respect for human rights


Legal compliance / code of conduct / corporate governance / attitude towards information disclosure