Neusignal Therapeutics, Inc.

Developing a small molecule oral drug that can fundamentally treat Alzheimer's disease at home

Alzheimer's disease is a progressive disease that occurs when nerve cells in the brain are destroyed and the brain atrophies. As the disease progresses, cognitive function declines and various peripheral symptoms develop, eventually leading to a state where the patient requires nursing care in general daily life. The medicines developed by the company are oral low-molecule drugs that treat the various pathological conditions of Alzheimer's disease, making them inexpensive and possible to treat at home. By improving patient satisfaction with treatment, reducing the burden on caregivers, and optimizing medical costs for the entire country, we aim to create an impact that extends healthy lifespans and reduces economic losses.

Establishment Date
April 2022
Research and development of drugs to treat dementia and mental disorders, search for drug discovery seeds related to brain diseases
CEO Yoshifumi Yoshida

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As the social burden of rapid aging increases, we are aiming to develop small-molecule oral drugs that can fundamentally treat Alzheimer’s disease at home, thereby extending healthy lifespans and reducing economic losses. We can expect to create social impacts such as a reduction in

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