Improving labor productivity and promoting resource circulation in construction

By utilizing our unique large-scale 3D printer, we are able to manufacture, at low cost, ultra-multifunctional modular building materials such as interior and exterior panels and architectural resin building materials made from recycled plastic that have functions that exceed those of conventional concrete formwork. We are developing new construction methods that use digital technology to streamline on-site work. With this unique technology, we aim to reduce costs and improve efficiency in the construction industry, and solve issues such as labor issues and waste plastics. It is expected that digital technology will promote architectural process innovation and create an impact on environmental protection and the social economy.

Establishment Date
June 2023
Design, manufacture, and sales of architectural concrete forms, interior materials, and fixtures; collection, recycling, and processing of waste plastic; sales of recycled products, etc.
Co-Founder, CEO Yasutomo Matsuoka

KII’s Perspective

The company was founded with the support of KSIP, a new incubation program in collaboration with Keio University and KII. Our unique technology is expected to help solve social issues such as labor issues in construction and promote resource circulation.

KII growth support

Financing assistance, Business strategy support, Impact related support