APB Corporation


Develop next-generation lithium-ion batteries and change the world with innovative batteries

All Polymer Battery solves the problems of conventional batteries by utilizing resin and a new battery design with a bipolar structure. Performance and features such as high reliability during abnormal conditions, high energy density, shape flexibility, and innovative production process are all realized at the same time.

Establishment Date
October 2018
Research, development, manufacturing and sales of lithium-ion batteries
Representative Director Hideaki Horie

Point of KII view

With advanced proprietary technology, we have achieved high performance, safety, and low price at the same time, and we are about to start mass production. We expect it to expand into the global market as a favorite of next-generation lithium-ion batteries.

KII growth support

Company establishment, business planning, capital policy planning, financing lead, recruitment, strengthening of management system Appointment of director